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Our boutique is now open:  

Weds-Sat noon-10pm

Sun noon-8pm


1 Bow Market Way #8, Somerville, MA 02143

for GPS use: 345 Somerville Ave. Somerville MA

chocolate hotline: 617-764-5872


Come check out our seasonal selection of handmade bonbons. 

Subscribe to our email list to find out more about our next batches for shipping.

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On the menu:

dark chocolate mousse in a handmade cocoa cone
decadent iced chocolate drink with crème chantilly

Reserve a table and enjoy our chocolates in the Bow Market courtyard. 

More about Bow Market:

"30+ independent food, art, and retail shops around a public courtyard in the heart of Union Square. Once a storage building, Bow Market provides small-scale storefronts to established and aspiring chefs, retailers, and
artists from Somerville and Greater Boston."

See directions here.

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In the winter, try our famous hot chocolate served with whipped cream...


....or our just as famous chocolate mousse served

in a cocoa cone.

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