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4-piece Mother's Day bonbons box - Chocolatier's Choice

4-piece Mother's Day bonbons box - Chocolatier's Choice


Box of four handmade chocolate bonbons, made fresh for Mother's Day!


We'll make a selection from our 2024 Mother's Day bonbon flavors: meyer lemon, candied spearmint, local blackberry, oolong tea, oregon lavender, or honey-walnut.


Ships on Wednesday, May 8th, arriving to most homes on Thursday, May 9th. Or collect at Zuzu's Petals on Saturday, May 11th from 10am-2pm.


These chocolates are made fresh for Mother's Day and are designed to be eaten by May 14th.


Ingredients: valrhona chocolate, highlawn farm cream, meyer lemons, organic cane sugar, sisters of anarchy blackberries, northwood apiaries honey, organic old dog ranch walnuts, curio spice co. lavender, organic fresh spearmint, in pursuit of tea oolong, fleur de sel.


**please make any assortment requests in the notes at checkout**

*photo is of a past year's assortment*

  • Flavors of the Week

    Our chocolates are made with super special ingredients. We'll find a delicious ingredient - foraged rose petals or lemons, local honey, freshly roasted coffee - and create a chocolate to highlight and celebrate that ingredient.

  • Freshness

    We make our chocolates by infusing cream with real ingredients, which creates a natural intensity of flavor in the first few days that fades after a week or so. We hand-whisk our ganaches to acheive our signature fluffy, rich, melt-in-your mouth texture. Since we incorporate air into our ganache (many chocolatiers use a sous-vide to vaccuum out the air to prolong shelf life) and we don't add any preservatives, these chocolates should be eaten right away, like a cake, rather than squirreled away.

  • Care

    Store chocolates at room temp or slightly cooler, and out of the sun. Don't store chocolates in the fridge, because this will cause condensation on the surface, which then turns into a sandpaper finish. Enjoy within a few days.

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