Sofra bar - Apricot, nib, & persian spice


One of two bars we created in collaboration with Sofra Bakery and Café. Silky dark milk chocolate, bright chunks of apricot, dark crunch of cocoa nib, fragrant persian spice blend by Sofra (cardamom, rose, black pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander). Decorated with silver leaf and rose petals.

  • Freshness

    We make our chocolate bars by incorporating real ingredients, which creates a natural intensity of flavor that fades after a couple of months. These bars are best enjoyed within three months of the date they were created, which is stamped on each bar.

  • Care

    Store bars at room temp or slightly cooler, and out of the sun (duh). Don't store chocolate in the fridge, because this will cause condensation on the surface, which then turns into a lovely sandpaper finish.

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